The Western Cup is a 10-track league spread over the western United States.

Participating Tracks

The ten racetracks in the Western Cup, in the original schedule order:

  1. Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, California
  2. Bitterroot Raceway, Idaho
  3. Tempe Raceway, Arizona
  4. Madras Raceway, Oregon
  5. Streets of Vancouver, Washington
  6. Thunder Island Motorsports Park, Hawai'i
  7. Missoula Raceway, Montana
  8. Sonoma Raceway, California
  9. Bend-Sunriver Raceway, Oregon
  10. Pikes Peak Speedway, Colorado

Although not officially included in the Western Cup, the Honolulu International Airport Exhibition Circuit is in the Western Cup's jurisdiction due to its proximity to Thunder Island.

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